The Importance of Having an Encrypted Card Reader for Mobile Processing

Many clients ask if it is a secure transaction if they take payment via a card reader on their smartphone or mobile device. They want to make sure that their customer’s information is protected and they want to make sure that their business is processing cards in the safest manner.

When working with Commonwealth Consulting Group, the answer is, yes! We make sure to set all of our clients up with a SSL, HTTPS & PCI-DSS secure gateway. In addition, all of the card readers that our clients use are fully encrypted. Encryption protects against hacking or skimming devices that thieves may use to steel credit or debit card information. With the acceptance of credit and debit cards on mobile devices becoming more prevalent, it is imperative as a business or consumer that you are using and paying on encrypted card readers. There are a lot of companies that are spending a lot of money advertising their mobile processing offerings, however, the card readers they give their clients are not encrypted. The attached link talks about one such company and how a thief could steal credit card information using audio jack dongles that attach into many smartphones and tablets. Click on the link to read the article