Industries We Serve

Manufacturers & Distributors:

Integrate your payment processing efficiently with your accounting software and other accounts receivable systems. Apply advanced technologies from Commonwealth Consulting Group. Establish a sophisticated virtual terminal gateway that allows you to process credit/debit cards as well as business and purchasing cards by entering invoice data to qualify for Level II and III status. Ensure you are getting the lowest processing rates possible from the different card networks.

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Petroleum, Sanitation & Utilities:

Accept payments in person, over the phone, at the pump, or at the job. Our technologies allow you to accept payments quickly and effectively. We will work with your business to ensure that your payment system allows you to receive the special processing rates for your business class. In addition, our technologies integrate with various business software systems for efficient processing through a single system.

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Retail, Restaurants & Bars:

Whether you use stand-alone terminals or fully integrated Point of Sale (POS) systems, we will work to ensure your payments are processed cost effectively, quickly and accurately. If you are in a quick service business, our technology accommodates tip adjustments as well as No Signature Required on transactions of less than $25.00.

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Auto Dealerships:

Work with one company instead of many. Our technology can integrate payments for your dealership, service, parts, and online parts store. Our goal?  Make doing business very easy for you.

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Mobile Payments:

If you need to be able to accept payments from wherever you are, we have the technologies that allow you to run your business on the go. We will integrate payment acceptance options on your smart phone, tablet and/or notebook.  More

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Your customers can pay right from your website. Working with your online company to integrate with your online shopping cart, we employ various online virtual terminal gateways that are SSL-encrypted and PCI compliant.  More

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Process credit/debit cards, as well as Health Savings Account Cards and Flexible Spending Account Cards with our stand-alone terminals or through integration with your office management software.

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Universities, Schools & Child Care:

We can integrate our payment processing technology with your pupil management, school lunch and other systems, as well as ensure that you are set up to take advantage of the special processing rates available to you from various card networks.

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Commonwealth Consulting Group will integrate with your municipal website an online billing system so that residents can pay online any municipal bills, fines or renewals. Our technology works with your current billing system to enable email delivery of bills and eliminate paper statements. Most importantly, our system can automatically include processing fees so your municipality incurs no processing costs.

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Non-Profit Organizations:

You want to focus on the mission of your organization. We want to establish your system to take advantage of special non-profit processing rates. Commonwealth Consulting Group will work with you to ensure that online donations and other aspects of your business payments are cost-effective. In addition, we will lend you processing equipment, at no cost, for any special events, golf tournaments, or other fundraising activities.

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Business to Business & Business to Government:

Accepting card payments from another business or a government entity?  Commonwealth Consulting Group has the advanced technologies to allow you to enter the additional invoice data required for Level II and III processing to achieve the lowest processing rates. Expect to see savings of 0.50 to 1% over normal processing costs for credit cards and additional payment options.  We also provide online reporting and analysis.

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Make the customer check-out process easy and cost-effective. You can accept credit/debit, EBT, check, gift and loyalty cards at every register, as our technology integrates with various supermarket cash registers, POS systems, and multi-lane terminals.

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Lodging & Auto Rentals:

Check in and check out guests and cars with ease, even if incidentals change the final sale amount from the original authorization. Our technology has the flexibility you need for your unique business demands.

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Insurance Agencies:

Accept various forms of electronic payments from your clients and enjoy the specific processing rates and guidelines for your industry. We can work with your agency to defer interchange costs or incorporate them into client fees.

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Commonwealth Consulting Group is not an ISO/MSP, but rather a consulting firm that will integrate your credit/debit card processing with our partners. Once we have completed the complimentary audit process we will integrate your credit/debit card processing with Clearent, Priority Payment Systems, EMS, Strategic Payment Systems or SecureNet.